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Saturday, 22 February 2014

National play day at pitville park, cheltenham.

I think I must of been the only person there without a child, I went with mia, sophie, oscar, roo and dylan oh and harper in mias tummy! It was such a great day!! I had to go on the bouncy castle thou to convince dylan to get off because Mia couldn't being heavily pregnant! And we waited inline for about two hours for dylan to get his face painted because we where last in line. And the lovely lady said she would do a little flower on each of us!!  .. but then you always have the rude mums who come in at the line complaining how we can get ours done but not their childs. So rude, in fact! Dylan waited almost two hours!

Anyway a brighter note…

Dylan being a monkey

Yes, refusing to get of the bouncy castle!


Dylan and me went to find the spiders!


Mummy and Dylan

Mia, me and sophie! missing one jess! 

Dylan the tiger!

Dylan meeting the music man! 

The cutest face ever! 


Mia with harper and roo, sophie was oscar and dylan! 

Me and dylan who was pulling faces! 

Hope you all had a good national play day!!

laureeen :) 

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