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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Jan 14 - MEXICAN!

Nothing better than a dinner with the girls, and MEXICAN! How have I not tried mexican before.. I find when I go out to eat its normally the same food. BBQ CHICKEN. I can eat so much dam bbq chicken.So we started with a few cocktails at Apres, the nicest place for drinks. Mainly because of the price, You have to spend over ten a card thou which sucks a little bit! We also got asked if we wanted to learn to salsa! At this point after work we where all so hungry!So we went straight to chiquitos for some food and more drinks. 

Me and Becky 

Cocktails and myself.

becky and me!

Charlotte and beccky Then on to dinner…

Nachos, I started making these last year at home and oh my god i haven't stopped. Still think the best place to go for nachos is Bar One up montepellier the best nachos ever! 


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