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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bucket List -

I started my bucket List beginning of last year and managed to get a few small things done but I need to start on the big things!! I did have a previous blog explaining each one I had already done with pictures.. But that blog is apparently long gone. 

So lets start off with the list. 

I have categorised each list! starting with the food and drink. 

1. Try Thai food Done. 

2. Try sea bass Done, and quite nice. 
3. Try monk fish I have done this. 
4.  Eat crab More than once
5. Try lobster
6. Eat a whole oyster  I did this at the summer fair last May, totally gross! 
7. Try green tea I love this
8. Drink guinness on St Patricks day Done!
9. Spend St Patricks day in Ireland - dublin)
10. Try the sausage platter in Winchcombe 
11. Bake the perfect cake Done.
11. Bake the perfect cake Done.
12. Makes scones, quiche and pie. Quiche I have done
12. Makes scones, quiche and pie. Quiche I have done

13. Try Maltease prickly pear 
14. Visit Malta and eat a pizza on the beach Done
15. Visit Comino for a italian ice cream! Done
16. Try nettle tea Done and it's gross 

17. Eat a krispy Kreme Done, not that great tbh
18. Try kangaroo
19. Try Quail Eggs  Done 
20. Try sharon fruit  Done 
21. Try passion fruit Done 
22. Make a bakewell tart 
23. Try olives Done and gross! 
24. Try papaya  Done 
25. Try a pino colada Done 
25. try nettle tea Done 

26. Home made macaroons Done and came out amazing

27. Make a whole roast Done!

27. Make a whole roast Done!

28. Try Swordfish 
29. Eat pizza in Naples. 
30. Take a one day cooking course in Italy
31. Eat a taco
32. Try bangledesh food Done
33. Try masala tea  done 
34. Make home made bread Done 

Thats all for food and drink so far…


1. Visit Malta Done 

2. Visit florence
3. Visit Milan 
4. Visit Venice 
5. Visit dublin, ireland 
6. Visit Copenhagen
7. Go on a beach Holiday
8. Go on a hiking holiday 
9. Go on a snowboarding holiday 
10. go on holiday with a group of friends 
11. Safari 

1. Bath 
2. Stonehenge 
(driving past does not count! 
3. London- Touristy 
(Going for work does not count)
4. Cardiff wales
5. Birmingham Done

6. Scotland 
7. Lake District
8. Peak district 

Day trips - And things to do…
1. Get a huge tattoo Done

2. Go to the races Done
3. Hot air Ballon 
4. Go on a small plane 
5. Go to Badminton Horse trials Done

6. Go on a speed boat Done
7. Go to a music festival 
8. Visit a comedy club 
9. Go on a horse /sport holiday 
10. Go to london to watch a musical 
11. Ride a motorbike Done
12. Scuba diving 
13. Go on a safari 
14. Ride a camel 
15. Go camping 
16. Try snowboarding 
17. See the northern lights 
18. Build your own igloo
19. Find the love of my life. Done 
20. Plant a tree
21. Learn Guitar 
22. Learn Italian  Parla poco italiano! Done.
23. Build your own website, Done
24. Write a book 
25. Go fishing 
26. Let go of the past Done
27. Have your own business Done
28. Go to wales 
29. Start a blog. Done
30. Be a bridesmaid. 
31. Have a dog for its entire lifeDone

32. Live with a partner. I have done, that count?
33. Marry the love of my life., 
34. Go to the zoo Done

35. Go to disneyland 
36. Receive red roses Done

37. Feel confident in a bikini
38. Play pool Done
39. Go to an outdoor cinema Done 

I will add I go along :) 

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