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Saturday, 22 February 2014

January 2013.

Involved house hunting, Making amends, Moving all my furniture 200 miles, Loosing my car, and going through the tough breakup of a first love while trying to find a job and my place in world. 

I cannot stress enough what a bad place I was in, in this time of my life. I didn't know if I wanted a change of career, where I would want my home, What I would do for money now that I moved 200 miles away from Norfolk. I was like sad, really sad because of The whole nick thing, I don't know how my family coped with me. If I wasn't crying I was sleeping, then eating. Yes, the joys of eating your feelings away. 

I was lucky, I have a great family and great support, Yes I did cry every day for like 90 days. Thats a record yes? This little chap my nephew dylan, took my mind of everything. 
Plus, After five years of living away I had a lot of wasted time to make up for. 

So January saw the start of house hunting, I remember finding out that the ex had moved on and I was in bits literally tears going to view this shitty little place. This estate agent was really trying to sell it. Seriously the main windows where literally on the high street and yet the bedroom window was bolted of my a shutter… My luck wasn't getting better. I was either booking to view amazing properties for them to ring me the following day to inform me that they had been rented out. 

Until a property in Montepellier came up, I have only walked past this side of town once, But it looked big and thought why not book in to view it! So the day came and yet again I got a call, informing me it had already been rented out. bummer. 
Just my luck? 

But she said a new property had just come up a little out my price range, my mum thought why don't we go and see? Cant hurt to look. 

I remember walking in, first floor apartment. Perfect. It was perfect it was big, High victorian ceilings, a huge modern kitchen, a spare room, bathroom, and a bedroom with a huge wardrobe. 

My mum loved it, and put down the holding fee there and then. This is still my home, 13 months on. 

It became mine, to my style. 

Everything else might of been a disaster but I had this flat and I was so grateful to my mum and martin for letting me do this. 

My bedroom! 


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