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Saturday, 22 February 2014

March 2013 - The bird and deer park - Prinknash Gloucestershire.

Okay, I had never heard of this place before. Me, Ellis and morgan where a little stuck on things to do! They are my step brothers before you ask!

This place is not for people who really do not like birds. I mean they are friendly, like bizarrely friendly. Wearing dolly shoes wasn't the best option. You can tell by now I don't really pick the best outfits for an occasion. But we fed some deer, saw reindeer, and some friendly birds.

Here are the snaps of the day!

You can tell It wasn't even spring at this point, nether the less The park is still beautiful. 

Me and Ellis near the reindeer! 

Me and Ellis near the miniature house. 

Near the gypsy house with morgan!

Friendly deer

This picture is so lovely, I managed to fit inside the miniature house. Which is not for adults! 

Feeding the deer!

I love animals, But this is the first time I got to feed a deer, so I guess it's a tick of my bucket list. 

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