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Saturday, 22 February 2014

March 2013 Gold Cup races in cheltenham.

I have never ever ever been to the races so I didn't know what to expect, I just knew there was going to be a lot of Irishmen.. Doesn't that sound terrible.. a lot of drinking and placing bets.

We went on the gold cup day which also happened to be the coldest day of the year, snowing and it was freezing only it tights and a skirt that wasn't the best idea I had that day. But it was a dress up event.. Which involved more tweed then needed.

You can tell what  a gloomy, cold day is was. 

Me and jess, Puling faces.. I think jess was on the wine at this point. 

Martin, Mum and myself. 

Martin and myself. 

Martin and jess. 

Jess pulling more faces can you see the tweed jackets yet?

Martin and mum ready for the races. 

Cold, waiting for the races to start, Yes we did place bets. I don't think we fully got the concept of betting because well we didn't win a thing. 

The crowds of people..so busy! 

Myself and martin mucking around, and to the right Me and Jess at the Daffodil, after the races for drinks and dinner. 


I always opt for sea bass, and my god, if you live in cheltenham you really need to go to the daffodil at least once in your life!! 

More cocktails.. I do like them and therefore you shall see a lot of them in my blog! 

A lovely picture of me and jess, infact it is one of my favourites!


Club enclosure for the day! :D

The beautiful Desert tray from daffodil, It is a sharing platter we are not that greedy! 

Who else went to gold cup, are you going this year?

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