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Saturday, 22 February 2014

About me for starts...


This is my second and final blog now, It's a little place to share my photos, my travels, exciting food, books, baking almost an online journal, I guess that's what blogging is.

I will start off with a little about myself, I am Lauren. If you're in my family of a very close friend I am Lil or Lilly. If you work with me I am Loll. If you are however a stranger to me, I am Lauren. I am 21 years old age, In my prime. I guess so! If I had to describe myself to you… That's a hard one.

I can come off quite loud, I have a sick sense of humour, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Had two incredible relationships which took up six years of my life. Both ended horrifically. Both men I loved unconditionally. One my first love, and another an old friend from the past. I am almost like a Bridget Jones of cheltenham just with better hair. I live in this silly world where I think every relationship should be incredible, and take your breath away. The one where you look at the guy and your heart goes like jelly, and you just melt. I can honestly say I have NEVER felt the butterflies, the dizziness. Yet, I was in love. So from that you can tell I ramble on a lot. I feel sorry for my friends and the girls at work who constantly put up with me. Especially after a tough break up. Anyway back to me…

Im on weight watchers again, Lost a stone so far. I like to keep fit, Run, walk, aerobics, dance etc etc. And eat clean! I love my greens, and fruit and salads! But I am such a home girl. I love home cooked meals! Especially Italian.

I have a huge family, but huge I mean massive! I have a twin. Mia, who has three amazing children.. Dylan(4) Rueben (2) and Harper (6months) I have more sisters sophie (24 I think)who has oscar (1)  and Jess who is (22) along with stepsisters, two dogs pablo(who is no longer with us) and a new edition hetti with two horses (buzz) and (dinky)

I forgot to mention I live in Cheltenham!! this is one of the main reasons about my blog yet I am rambling too much to actually tell you this. My mum and her husband Martin live here too.

My dad and the rest of the family are back in Sunny Devon.

This blog is my adventure my life, my experiences.

I lived in Devon for 16 years, Until I met my first love Nick. And then I moved to East Harling, just outside of Thetford, Norfolk. A beautiful place very flat but the woodlands where incredible. Harling heath, Knettleshaw heath, Santan Downham. I miss that place. It was home for five years. I miss Nowich city centre and going to Marmalade the best cafe in Norwich for lunch. I miss the shitty little town that was thetford, I miss driving. I miss my friends. After that ended I found myself in Cheltenham visiting last January for about a week. It was very sudden a week later I had viewed this amazing flat in Montepellier and got it a week later. An therefore came the move to cheltenham.

My twin had moved up from devon along with the other sisters, So cheltenham now became home.

I will post this first year in months of what doing and getting up to I got up too! Please follow the rest of my journey, Hope you like my pictures!


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