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Friday, 28 February 2014


Oh, god I love my food. I could have a relationship with food. Yes, It would be a love/hate relationship.. but it would never argue back. 

When I first moved to Cheltenham last year I told myself that I would try everything and everywhere I  could!

I am a women on a mission. It also helps with the bucket list too thou which is an added bonus!


I will rate swell! 

1. Yo Sushi Done 10/10
(I am a sushi lover so I am biased)
2. Prezzo
3.The Prom
4.Apres Done 6/10
5.Cafe Del art 
6.Chiquitos Done 5/10
7.The curry corner
8.The craven arms
9.Frankie and Benny
10.The harvester Done 4/10
Just typical processed food
11.Joules resturant
12.The mayflower 
13.Montys bar
15. The real china
16.Ruby tuesday
17.Spice Lodge
18.The beehive
19.John Gordans Done 10/10
Amazing place!
21. Storyteller
22.The daffodil Done 10/10 Two perfect meals here, If you're after a romantic elegant place to eat this is it! 
23.Franco Italian
25.All bar one 6/10 Done.
Best nachos in town. 
27.The brown jug
28.o'neils Done 7/10
29.The parrot bar
30. The retreat
31. suffolk arms
33. Revs 8/10 Done
34. The white heart inn
35.Ellenborough park
36.Copa Done 6/10
37.Slug and lettuce Done 6/10 Simply because of the value.
38. falfel man
39.Hotel du vin
40.The Montepellier
41.The muffin Man
42.Morans eating house
43.The tavern Done 10/10 This place is the best in town!!
45. Imperial bar
46. TGI fridays Done 3/10 
47. Marinades carribean resturant
48. Brasserie blanc
49. bella italia
50. ASK
51. Strada
52.Pizza express 9/10 Done
53.La tasca
54.tai brasserie
55. Costa 9/10 Done
56.Druckers Done 4/10 - not very nice tbh.
57. Gustos
58.Huffkins - 8/10 Lovely lovely staff! 
59.Jack in a box 
60. Well Walk tea room. 

So todays little eat out was Falafel Man in Cheltenham.

I have been curious about this little stall for so long! You can really tell what he does from afar. He is always near H&M in the high street. 

It is incredible the different style of food, this is a Mediterranean dish. With the cook originally from Israel. I picked the salad box and added an extra few bits like sun roasted tomatoes, and nuts. I did not fancy the olives!

The falafels where amazing, Tasty and full of flavour! 
 You have a salad base almost a coleslaw, with pickles, and a yogurt and lime herb dressing with a blended seed dressing too! You can choose the either have the falafels separately. Have the mix ready to cook at home or a pitta! 

I give this place 10/10! 

Yum, Lauren! 

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