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Saturday, 22 February 2014

October 2013 - Halloween

Halloween is such an under rated holiday! Nothing better than dressing up! especially with the kids! 

This is Dylan trying on masks and running around Sainsburys scaring people.. It is okay.. I am not his mother… mwhaha. 

Dylan helping me making halloween pumpkin cookies! 

Rueben and me pulling funny faces! 

Mine and Dylans pumpkins! and our cookies! 

Home made little bit burnt gingerbread men! 

Dylan as a vampire!

The wig! 

Going trick o treating was a slight disappointment, they waited until I finished work which was about six. So by then we went out no one was answering the doors, dylan being a typical four year old was getting upset he just didn't understand why no one was answering. So finally after a few rows of houses someone answered the door. Dylan took his sweets from out his pumpkin and gave them to the little girl at the door. Not the idea of halloween but the sentiment is there. 

Just wished people would celebrate it more, Its an old tradition that needs to become more popular! 

rant over!! 


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