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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Weight in day 45.

Okay, So I haven't been the best behaved on my diet this week. I did stick to the no fizzy rule. Go me!
But I did have a few little bites here and there when I was at someones house, And before you know it they all add up. However, I weighed myself yesterday and I lost 2 lbs which I was so chuffed! However on new medication and bloated beyond belief  the scales said today I stayed the same. We shall find out tomorrow. 

This is one thing that gets me on new medication, I will go crazy If I gain weight, wheres the point in that?

Anyway tonight I had a bath, did my hair and looked in the mirror.

Had I really gotten this big????
I could of cried, and this is with the 20 lbs lost!!
So on goes a big teeshirt and joggers… 
Maybe a little motivation is needed this week for me! 

Anyway my healthy pictures from this week! 


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