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Thursday, 6 March 2014



Today I finally upgraded, Through a lot of hassle… My fault.. Forgetting my debit card wasn't helpful. 

But I am so chuffed with this phone. I have had an apple phone for 5 years now, iPad and my beloved Macbook. 

This phone compared to my old iPhone 4s, Is a lot lighter actually a considerable amount lighter. It is thinner. 

It comes with some snazzy new design headphones, Im also with o2 so I took advantage of the 5gb and just pay for 1gd offer they currently have on at the moment at earphone warehouse. 

And colour wise, You can choose black white or gold. I chose Gold. Its quite a classy looking colour.I know this is taken via webcam late. You get the idea however! 

A very sleepy Lauren

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