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Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Home Sweet Home

I absolutely love my apartment, Its my home. Its mine. 

As I mentioned on my first post, I am so lucky to have this place and so grateful for the people who made it happen. This apartment is my pride and joy styled to my own taste

This is a little look in to my place, and my favourite things I have in it . 

Bedroom, where the magic happens.. how cliche!

This is a jewellery box with I won at work, from H Samuels. They are called stackers so you can build it up, such a good idea if you're like me and have tons of jewellery. 

You will find most of my furniture is actually from Dunelm Mill. I went crazy when I first moved here took out a loan and spent hundreds. On essentials of course. These curtains where a gift from my mum. They match the bedspread! 

Now, I remember the flowers in the mirror pot being about £7.00 and the lamp is one of two. They are from an amazing shop in gloucester where literally no two things are the same. I love shops like that, finding hidden treasures no one else has. 


This the hang out room in the flat, My favourite too. It has beautiful high victorian ceilings and Huge windows. In the summer this place stays so cool. However due to the thing glass on the windows it gets very very cold in winter, literally I have to put my heating on hours before just to warm up the big space. 

This is another favourite, and a gift for christmas. Everyone who knows me knows my house is covered in owls. I have about Three owl doorstops, One my mum got me from Italy, Which I love

A picture of My dad and me, and My twin and me when we where little, oh and an orange.



I got a wall sticker, This one was about 3.99 from the range. 

Lovely teapot, This was 12.99 I was on the hunt for a teapot and It took me months to find one that I liked. This was from b&s. And my Jamie Oliver herb rack! 14.99 Dunelm Mill.The typical Rum and Whiskey.

Spare Room

This is my Spare/salon room. As you can tell it doesn't serve much of a purpose. 

The wall in the lounge, 

How comfy is my bed, And Jeremy the monkey. Yes I am 21, Ive had him for years! 

Some more shots of the lounge.

The kitchen island 


 You might of noticed by now I have themes for each room. Such as Bedroom is grey/white/cream. Lounge I love travel books, a lot of wooden objects and lots of pictures, browns and purples. My bathroom is cotton white with little lavender hearts and a huge lavender painting on the wall you can't see. 

 Let's have a look at your place!


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