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Saturday, 1 March 2014


I had the best plans to go back down to Devon (Where I am from) Do some wedding shopping with the best friend who Is getting married this year, catch up with a lot of friends actually do lots of hair. But some plans just don't work out, and I ended up with a week off, and a very clean house. 

I spent the majority of the time with Mias children, Still making up for lost time. We went shopping, went to a comedy show, Make up tips, and I started this blog again. 

Here are a few random pictures from the week. 

Hare and the Bull, cheltenham.
Luckily the weather wasn't as bad as it usually was, not as much rain as expected. 

Little harper who is almost 5 months now, This is my twins Mias daughter. 

Me and Dylan reading spot the dog book. 

On the way to the park with Mia, Rueben and Dylan. 

Mia and me shopping, trying on the hats! 

Mia hates this!! I don't know how! I have ample size boobs so I could never and I mean NEVER pull off a dress like this! 

Happy with my 18lbs weight loss! 

Rueben playing on the slide at the park.

Amazing hat from river island. I will go back there and I will buy this. 

Mango juice drink

Harper and dylan and Harper underneath.

And some healthy good food! 

I am so sad to be going back to work..It reminds me I need to look for another job.. I really am starting to dread going to work. Isn't that silly?


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