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Tuesday, 4 March 2014



Today I tried out a new and upcoming brand LOLA these have literally just come into Marks&Spencer's here in England. Lola is a Spanish brand, and this lipstick range comes in six beautiful colours. It is available to buy at 12.00 each! Cheaper then MAC, Bobbi Brown and Benefit!!

I have always preferred Lipstick to gloss, The moment I have my hair down the wind goes over my lips my hair gets sticky, It isn't a pretty moment. You don't have to worry however with this however you end up with a gorgeous matt that lasts!

Minx, is a beautiful colour almost in  between a Rose and Peach colour. 

This is me With and without it! 

I haven't put any blusher on to show you the colour, It goes well against a pale complexion like mine. I love this colour for spring. 

Lauren x


  1. that looks so pretty! did it stay on or rub off after a while? xo


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