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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saturday 1st march Wedding fair

I am a hairdresser, Did you guys even know that? I don't think I have mentioned it until now. I do, do the occasional wedding fair. Once every few months. So today just started like a normal day with me deciding if I should of shouldn't get out of bed. 

However the start of today was a good day, I tried on this top which used to be tight on me, and it was so baggy!!! This made me incredibly happy. I love when clothes don't fit in that sense but having to pull up my trousers every ten seconds well lets just say it has its downfall. I am however refusing to buy new clothes until I loose a little more weight including getting my ring re-sized I had taken it off yesterday and panicked when I couldn't find it. Yesterday wasn't a good day. 

My Hair today all put to one side with the one small flower. 

Full outfit, why do us women have hips! 

My stall at the wedding fair, It wasn't as successful as last time. Which is a shame. But still I will find out if I got business from it or not. I love doing hair ups/bridal/formal hair ever since I was little. It is a job I really enjoy. I would do it full time If I could. However working at the shop pays the bills. I don't enjoy working at the shop only with the girls are in. I will however by the end of the year get my life finally in control and do this full time. 


What do you guys think, It was a last minute almost plan.

Do you guys have any hobbies you enjoy doing? Or careers?


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