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Friday, 7 March 2014



Being a hairdresser I am constantly being told how do I keep my hair so bright? How often do I dye my hair. What Do I use, what do I suggest shampoo and conditioner wise? 

This is my little secrets on Red hair. 

How I dye my hair and how often. 
 Every one stated to me the more you die your hair then more it will fall out. This is not true, If you look after your hair, trim it often, don't apply heat to your hair everyday. Your hair will be fine. 

Being a professional I ONLY use professional products, Do not go near LIVE XXL !! It will stain your hair!

I do a permanent every 8 weeks to roots only, and a conditioning fashion shade every couple weeks to just brighten it up. 

So this is my hair when it hasn't been coloured with a permanent in about ten weeks. Mainly due to a scalp condition. 

Shocking re-growth!!

You can see more brown then red!

And always wear a shirt worth getting hair dye on! This is my lazy day shirt!

This is the brand I use, Matrix. You can find many salons stock Matrix. 

I ONLY do the roots!! with a permanent never go towards the ends of their hair, If you keep putting permanent hair dye on the hair you are just going to overlap the colour. 

So with the end result of the permanent colour my hair ends up a red/orange colour.

So after the permanent I go over with the conditioning colour. this is when I apply my mix of Purple/Pink and red. 

This colour is Crazy colour, you can buy this in sallys.
But this colour stains and I mean stains everything towels, your bath and not to mention your face.

I leave this for about ten minutes and using gloves I wash it off. I have forgotten to use gloves before and had to walk about with pink hands. Not a good look.

The end result! Yes no more roots! 

Might of slightly stained by head, But with a little nail varnish remover that comes off easy.  


1. Do not wash it everyday, use dry shampoo every other day. 
2. Wash it cold water, washing it with hot water opens the cuticle therefore the colour runs
3. Wear a hood if it going to rain. This colour will run on white shirts!
4.Use colour hold shampoo and conditioner I recommend Vitamino Colour by L'Oreal Professional. 
5. You can buy from Aveda this amazing product that protects your hair from the sun.. Yes the sun fades your hair the same way it bleaches blonde hair.

lauren :)

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