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Monday, 23 June 2014

Torre Abbey - Torquay tea with the Family.

Day three of Devon

Day 3.

On the third day of our trip we had breakfast downstairs of the hotel as normal, and had planned to meet my nan and grandad at Torre Abbey cafe. Such a lovely building and also an art gallery!

However due to being 30 minutes behind we where a little delayed due to an accident which we had to call the ambulance for, little bit messy. So thats all I will mention.

So it was the second time they had met Dylan but the first for Roo and Harper.

Rueben and dylan 

Rueben and his great grandad

Dylan and what he called a castle!

The boys enjoyed it, we sat outside the cafe near the green so the boys just went away to play on the grass. 
Dylan with a very happy face. 

Roo and Jazz.

Me, mia, Roo nan, and dylan 

Mia and jazz

The cafe itself was very Kath kidson, I wish I had taken a picture we all settled for a lovely pot of tea which is one of my favourite things and a catch up. 

Myself an dylan wasn't too happy about the photos being taken. 

Overall it was a lovely morning, I think nan and grandad where very worn out from all the running  dylan and roo where doing. Poor mia, on 24/7 mum duty chasing after them. 


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