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Wednesday, 11 June 2014



Well if you know me you would agree, for me this is big news. 

I died my hair, yes my beloved cherry red is gone. It wasn't a quick process either from having been bright red for years my hair was stained. But to give my hair the break from the constant dying I simply had to go back to brunette. 

It was about a five hour long process, yes tiring! 

Being brunette does defeat the name for my blog, but it isn't permanent. I am a red head at heart! 

So the process to go from bright red to chocolate brunette. 

1. Bleach out the red, almost stripping. I use L'Oreal professional products in this case I used Effassor. Comes in little sachets, It is a little kinder to the hair then bleach which can be harsh therefore the hair will become brittle. 

2. Leave this up to 60 minutes at a go, Always keep checking the hair!!

3.Wash, shampoo condition and dry

4.This stage I had bright orange hair this being a good base for a lovely brunette. Going over with a five base natural light brown 5.0 Majirel. 

5. Leave for 35 minutes, wash, shampoo and condition.

6. Now just to give it the refreshing chocolate I went over with a semi permanent 4.35, Leave for 35 minutes and TREATMENT. 

My hair in a small amount of time had gone through a lot, and needed a treatment. 

So finishing look! 

Tadar, Now of course If you haven't any experience (I am a trained hairdresser) I would recommend going to a salon for such a colour change! It can be a little tough if you cant see the back of your head aswell!

Overall the brunette is a lovely change and I won't have to constantly dye it to keep the shade bright hopefully this will improve the condition for next time I go red. 

Lauren :) 

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