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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Food and drink festival - Cheltenham 2014

Food and Drink festival Cheltenham 2014 

If you're a food lover this sure if the place for you, This is held once a year for three days at Montepellier Gardens, Cheltenham. Attracting people from all over the county and Exhibitors from all over England. 

I was hoping I would go this year due to the fact last year I was so busy with work I didn't get a chance ( even thou I lived opposite the dam thing. 

The food court.

This place was an adventure for your tastebuds. I tried wild boar, home made fresh lemonade and the best fudge! I went with my other half John who likes to be adventurous with food so this was a good day out. Inside the food court there are loads of stalls and outside you have more, with the drink stalls and the music stage. For only £3.00 entry we where impressed, I think the tickets go up to £7.00 on the weekends. 

Honeycomb stand

This is a place to not go if you're hungry, everything is appetising. From fresh honeycomb, which was so sweet and succulent, to very hot chilli jam to mango salsa. 

We did get very lucky because the weather on friday was fantastic, Maybe a little too hot for my liking! I currently have sun burn as I am writing this which is agony.

The best lemonade, and the guy serving had the coolest moustache. 


Gorgeous John and me.

You do need a good few hours to spend here, especially if you enjoy just relaxing and listening to the good music they have. 


My lunch! 

John, enjoying the indian food :)

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