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Thursday, 19 June 2014



I finally got my cover up done on thursday and I am so chuffed this was a present mostly of the fellar - John but my mum chipped in as well for my birthday! 

I was 14 when I got the original one done, theres a picture of the bottom left. Shocking I know It is meant to be a bird and Lyrics from Rise Against song, Swing life away. Yep, I went through a phase. It was done by a friends uncle, who wasn't even trained! The silly 14 year old I was! 
My parents reaction was some what hilarious my dad laughed and told me I would regret it, and my mother was not so chuffed. So years down the line, I didn't regret it, they where a part of who I was however going to turn 22!  I needed to sort at lead one of them out. 

When it comes to tattoos now at least I am more careful who I go too, and who I see! I currently have about five including a big piece down my right hand side, done by Tokyo Tattoo in cheltenham by Shaun. 

This new piece was done by Adam in Magnum Circus tattoo shop in Cheltenham. This guy is fantastic and realism and black and white tattoos. Like crazy good. This took about there hours and cost £150.00 you do have to book way in advance this guy is so busy! 

So I am hugely impressed with it, on the pain scale it was about 5/10 which compared to my side piece was nothing. The worst thing about the whole tattoo is the fact I have to be careful keeping it in direct sunlight when healing. Which is awkward due to the fact its summer and its too hot for jumpers. 

I want my other wrist covered up but for now I am not in any rush.


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