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Monday, 23 June 2014

Devon day 2

Devon day two.
I know my last blogpost was somewhat on the long side, I will try shorten the next ones down.

DAY 2.

We started the day off with just hours sleep, so we where grouchy thanks to the air con not being on. However with the disaster that was dinner last night we decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and just hoped the crap cook wasn't there that morning so we headed down for breakfast.



All pictures are off beautiful Harper 

The Breafast was lovely, All you can eat for 9.00 including hot breakfast and croissants mini muffin and un limited amount of tea. 

So filled up, yes we where greedy. Mia and me and the kids headed off on the train to Newton Abbot where we met Jazz. 

Dylans grumpy face 

Harper asleep 


We made a trip to Mr biscuits which if you have kids and live in Newton Abbot is perfect, The guy who owns it is super friendly and remembered me and my sister from years ago when he first opened. 
There is also a play areas which a slide and toys for the little ones to enjoy. 

Me and Dylan


We went to the park after where they met our dad, there grandad quickly. 

And then back to torquay to the hotel then beach yet again!!! 

Dinner was lovely Mia and me met dad again with the kids so we just had fish and chips by the seafront! 

Overall it was a lovely day shame about it being so hot! I got such bad suburn. 


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