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Monday, 23 June 2014

Devon day one.

Devon DAY ONE 

I love going back home to Devon every chance I get, Torbay is a beautiful place to visit, not so much to live. Its one of these things where you don't appreciate something until you  no longer have it, in my case live there.

Last week me, my twin andy her little ones Rueben (2.5) And Harper (9 months) and Dylan (4.5) went down for a four day stay. We stayed at a premier inn and the front of Torquay Seafront. We could of stayed with family and friends but with all the children that was just too much hassle.


I woke up early enough about six in the morning to pack,  That was my fault leaving it to the last minute. Got to the train station with mia, Rueben and Harper.  Rueben is Roo is you see me mention him, I tend to shorten his name.


Mia and Little Harper
So on the train, It was such a lovely journey down Roo was amazed and now has a new found love for chains or as he calls it 'choo chop'. Getting it at Newton Abbot to meet Jazz. Once there we headed off to Torquay to the seafront.

Mia sorting the cots out.

I have never stayed in an Premier Inn, and I was surprised it was lovely, spacious and such a beautiful view of the sea. bonus.

Jazz and harper.

Once we had put our things away, we then picked up Dylan and went for a walk round the harbour, then to the arcades.

Dylan and mia at the harbour

 The boys loved this, anything with loud nosies and flashing lights tend to get their attention. Dylan ended up winning a ladybird cuddly toy which he gave to Roo, and won himself a star wars lego ship that you had to build. The finally lunch time, Torquay doesn't have the greatest places to eat so we all settles for a cornish pasty at Oggy Oggy Pasty.

Jazzy at Oggy Oggy pasty.


   After lunch we went and got the boys a bucket and spade each, and headed down to the beach, Which was so much fun! Rueben had only been to the beach a couple times before and loved it! We taught them how to make sandcastles which Dylan was a PRO at, and Rueben was just hellbent in knocking them all down. 

Torquay Beach

Man making patterns in the sand 

Dylan, Jazz and Harper fast asleep. 

Jazz helping the boys make sandcastles. 

Mia and little Rueben

Dylan and Rueben

Mia looking in the rock pools 

Art on the beach 

Rueben and his spade 

Roo, me, Jazz and Dylan 

Our little shrimp!

Boys playing in the sand.

To john.

We also went to the rock pools that where nearby where I found a crab and shrimp, Mia got it out to show the boys! Dylan wasn't as brave as rueben who stroked the crab! 

Rueben with the crabs

Mummy and Baby crab


So after a very tiring trip to the beach we headed off out for dinner. Didn't head far as on the side of the hotel there is a BEEFEATER - Which was a disaster, the food was awful, burnt and chewy not very nice. I do not recommend it. 

However here is a nice picture of everyone. 

Lets see what day 2 brings! 


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