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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lake district - April 2014

The end of April we went lake district, which was lovely, but needed up being one of these holidays where you need a holiday from a holiday. I blame the company. This is day one to sum it up, Ended up taking a good five hours in the car which was not enjoyable. The sights however when we got there where breathtaking. Such a lovely place to get lost. 

We, by we I mean me, my mother her husband my sister and her little one oscar, We stayed just a few minutes from Windermere in a quaint log cabin. Oh I almost forgot hetti, we took our labrodoodle hetti along with us. 

The weather wasn't fantastic on day one. 

Here are some pictures from the first day of my travels up Lake District.

Very excited as you can see! 

The beautiful views outside the log cabin

myself and my sister

The inside of the log cabin

Hetti our labrodoodle

My nephew and me, 

My mum and her husband 

Me and Oscar

My mum and hetti 

Sophie and mum

My mother and me! 

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