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Saturday, 4 October 2014

My morning ritual, at the moment.

 How and what I use to wash my face

Now, I wish I was good and told you I do this every morning and every evening. However I don't, I sometimes go bed with make up on, when I am too tired too take it off. Another thing about what I use to clean my face with, They constantly change. It something looks nice or its on special offer I will tend to pick it up. I did post a blog post about my three favourite cleansers. Now those I do use the majority of the time. 
But at the moment I have gotten into using L'Occitane! And yes I work for them but I just downright love the stuff.

Yes, I have my Simple. and dermalogica as well just because something I like to spice it up! 

This is me right in the morning..uh oh.

Looking rather red, and my eyes are still messy. I have very stubborn make up. 


1. Cleanse cleanse and cleanse 

This is the golden key of a routine, I use a hot flannel and wet the face round to the hairline and around the neck. Using L'Occitanes imortelle cleansing foam. Only need a pump full to clean the whole face. I also love the smell of this..mmhm

This product is like little foamy bits of heaven, rub it into the hands and apply to the face in circular motions. You can do two cleansers if you have a lot of make up, Remember cleansing is there to remove make up and any dead skin cells and any gunk.

I dont tend to put ANY product near my eyes as because they are quite sensitive they would get just irritated. 

2. Tone and tone again

Okay well no need to tone again, Now the toners I use tend to be more water based, I feel like It is lighter for my skin. I apply using a cotton pad in circular motions around go over the face. All this will do is take off any cleanser left over or any make up missed, Its also great if you are putting moisturiser under foundation. 

My Skin is looking pretty clear by now and soft, None of the products I use are heavy or greasy. Being very sensitive to products that are rich I only tend to stick with light products. My skins complexion is looking so much better, no redness! HOORAY'!

3. Serum, Oil, MOISTURISE 

You can do any of the three above next, I however go straight for the moisturiser. Now finding a light product that is kind to the skin, that I could wear under make up, that won't be greasy well
I had a mission, And I found the perfect thing.

Good old dermalogica to the rescue, This is  such a hydrating and caring product, I have always loved this brand, With a matt finish to this product it helps when the heat is unbearable and the extra SPF15 is just an added bonus, Still looking after my skin in the hot days ahead! 

This will only take me a good five minutes in the morning, After my face is dry I then go on to apply my make up for the day or if its bed time then I will just leave it like it is. 

The finished look

My skin is clean and clear no dryness or greasiness, I recommend trying these products and seeing what you think. Or I would love to see some routines you guys have! 


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  2. Really enjoyed your skin care post, I'm obsessed with Loccitine!

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