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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Make up - Lip halloween style

How to get the perfect VAMP lip for halloween

What to use

I have chosen two shades for this KATE MOSS for Rimmel in shade 04 and YVES ROCHER in shade 101 FRAMBOISE. As it is for halloween I do recommend to use a darker colour and a light to give the colour a contrast against each other. You can pick any colour you like thou . 

You want to start by apply moisturiser then foundation and concealer on to the face, If I am wearing lipstick I do tend to cover my lips too, I find the lipstick has more of a staying power then.

I have decided to give the eye a smokey effect too, and added fake eyelashes. It is halloween and I believe its just one of the times of the year we girls can go OTT. 

So with the base of the make up I then get the darker shade of lipstick and go around the outline, You can use a lip pencil, However I was rushed for time so lipstick it was. Do a rough outline on the bottom and top of the lip

The using a brush fill in the rest of the lip with the other lipstick shade, using a brush as we do want to blend the two shades together. This is so simple to do! 

The finished result - Finish it off using a lipgloss

The VAMP look.

The camera isn't brilliant, but you get the general idea! 

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