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Friday, 17 October 2014

Some recent buys … OCTOBER


Hello everyone! I have reached 250 followers!! 

This is such a big deal for me as this started out as an online sort of journal. Never really put to much effort in to what I wrote just sort of rambled on about anything, However being sponsored and knowing people actually read my blog is given me more reason to blog more. 

So enjoy some recent buys.

ColorSHOW - Maybelline NAILS

Arg, My love of buying nail varnish has not stopped. Being in the job I am I can only wear nude or natural colour nail varnish! It sucks..yes. I have literally had a french manicure on for a whole month. So changing it up I was having a nose around Boots store and saw some lovely sparkly colours. Right next to the sparkly nail counter there was a 3 for 2 offer. Ah tempted. So I ended up buying three, I did find the palest pink I could find an two lovely glitter polishes. 

1. silver glitter - Light up        2. Pink - Peach smoothie     3.Pink glitter - Rose Chic

I used light up over peach smoothie, And its really a pretty colour, The closer to winter it gets the more I love everything sparkly! So all three nail varnishes It worked out about £6.00. I have never used nail varnishes from Maybelline so I will see how it lasts!


I was gutted the new herbal essence dry shampoo was out of stock everywhere!! Like there must of been a sudden rush for people to buy the stuff. I thought I would try something new, However I am more that let down. Wheres my Batiste when you need it. I payed £3.00 for this, Used it once and then tried to use it again and nothing would come out and yet its full.

CRAP nozel, Don't like the smell and it didn't improve my hair after I hadn't washed it for a day. It didn't actually make any difference. I think this is the first negative review I have left, But its so shockingly terrible I will never purchase it again. 

Mega instant my ass.

Silver necklace - Primark £2.50

I NEVER buy silver jewellery, or jewellery from Primark at all. In my eyes I would wear it once and it would break. So I rarely make any purchases from this shop. However on my hunt for hairbands, I walked past this necklace. It has a sort of contemporary design and it is different from the rest of my collection. And for only £2.50 If it broke it isn't a huge loss. 

Silver and diamond earrings. 

These where a little gift to myself from getting a new job, they are beautiful and shaped like a snowflake which I love. Makes me feel like I am wearing christmas earrings. I am not going to tell you the price but I did get a huge discount. Its sterling silver and 0.05ct diamond and they just sparkle. 

Every girl needs diamond earrings, right? 


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