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Thursday, 9 October 2014



Yes, it feels like I am a little late to the party, as they say! But yay :)  My favourite time of the year, It is just so beautiful with the trees and leaves and the christmas decorations coming in to stores eeeek.Like a kid in a candy store I have to think like the sensible adult I am and 'No Lauren you don't need another ornament' So I am looking forward to christmas, and the run up is even more exciting. I don't even mind the rain cold weather.

This is at I am enjoying so far about this very beautiful month

1. Cheltenham in the fall

I love cheltenham overall, It has great restaurants, bars, shopping and just a lovely atmosphere to it. So when I was about to go home walking up the prom in Cheltenham I had to take a picture. Plus it just makes me want to go costa buy a hot chocolate…Black forest gateau of course and wrap up in a scarf. I think I will be doing a lot of instagram pictures the next couple months.

 2. Limited edition cereals 

Oh Tesco, how lovely that you have brought this out. Its a limited edition cereal for halloween and its cinnamon..gah… so scrummy. Recommend everyone to buy this and try it out.

3.Cheltenham food market 

This comes to cheltenham every year, you have stalls from Italy, france and the more crazy food like zebra burgers, Which I did try last year and kangaroo burgers, Well there are so many different types of meat. Basically if you want to eat something bizarre go here! But most importantly it is only here in october another little run up to christmas that cheltenham does. 

4. Days get shorter 

And more time for me to do my nails, Im such a girl! But when its cold and raining outside I tend to have more pamper evenings light some candles play some music and just relax after work .


Hetti asleep on my bed.naughty.

Yum, yum and yum. I love hot chocolate in this weather. Have to be so careful with this because I do work next door to starbucks, However I still am a loyal Costa fan, best hot chocolates ever! I think at work I will still stick to the highlights 40 calls drink. Being mighty good and everything

Go me!!


  1. Awesome photos!


  2. Great photos, I love visiting Cheltenham in the Autumn, so pretty :)


  3. Oh I wish I could go there as well! The main thing I love about autumn is not only the leaves, the whole atmosphere, but it's hot chocolate!



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