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Sunday, 12 October 2014


Blackhead killer - PEEL OFF MASK

I got sent a lovely little package from StyleLux . It contained five peel of masks, However once my twin got hold off it, That five turned to three. Three is still however enough to try and review. 

This is a new type of face mask, the mask itself sucks out any horrible stuff out of the skin, including excess oil. Leaving a softer, cleansed skin.

So on Wednesday night the weather was horrible and rainy, I decided to put on my comfy clothes. Yes everyone has those 'comfy' clothes. For me it is an oversized tee shirt, joggers and hoodie. Such a good look! Well it is if I don't venture out my front door. 

Let me start off with the packaging.

It isn't fantastic and it is not the most eye appealing product, It comes in a sachet form which is very easy to open. On the back of the product there are instructions in English, Dutch, french and other languages. This is helpful especially because the product is made in Denmark. 

Moneys worth?

Yes, you get a lot of product in one sachet. Some brands can be very stingy that don't actually cover half the face, This does and more. You can buy five of these from the website for only£15.00

After I applied the product.

Very easy to apply to the face, It has a smooth texture that can easily be washed off. The great thing I like about this is the subtle smell. It is quite thick and gloopy, Is that a word?

Then I waited ten minutes.. And yes this is one hell of a look for me.

Then peel the mask off. 


It hurts, just a little. Why us girls go through a little pain to make ourselves look beautiful I will never know. I am all for pain in the name of beauty!

After a mild panic attack, about me putting the product to close to my eyes, It all came off reletivley easy. 
It does say to use a ''delicious'' moisturiser  after the mask and I used my favourite. 

L'Occitanes Shea butter Gentle moisturiser, 

My face felt normal just a little softer. When I did wake up however my face was a lot clearer and felt sooooo smooth. So it really is worth the money after all.


You can buy them HERE.


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