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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Revolution Cheltenham

Lunch with the girls in Revolution , Cheltenham. 

So on Monday me and the girls (Charl and Becca) decided to go for some lunch and cocktails, Some of my favourite things! 

So we had to find somewhere not too expensive and good value for money with the drinks. So we picked Revs, This is a chain of bars, I know theres one in Ipswich, They must be dotted around the Uk.  I have been here about three times before one for lunch when I first moved here and  the other times when I was out drinking. 

To start off with the deco was nice the guy Adam who served us said they where going for a Kath Kidson theme with the cushions and the art on the walls. It was lovely and quiet but they was maybe to the fact we where the only customers they had in. 

Me and my friend Becca, Yes taking selflies!

The restaurant and Bar, It has almost a rustic theme to it. 

We ended up getting two big pitchers at £10.00 each which worked out at 6.66 for 6 drinks! That's so good value for money on such nice drinks. 

The food was good, The one thing I don't like is over processed food and a lot of it. I can't handle too much food on my plate which overlaps each other. Unless it's a roast then its a problem. 

However the quality of the steak well good, I like mine medium rare. Which I kindly had to remind the guy how I liked it when he took our orders. Comes with home made chips and a very PEPPERY black pepper sauce. I couldn't handle it, too much pepper. This costs £8.00 Which I think is reasonable. 

Becca overly enjoying her steak!

For pudding Charlotte had a cheesecake which she said was amazing, And I had a fondue with Becca. 
It was caramel chocolate fondue, cinnamon sticks, raspberries, marshmallows and oreos. The oreos went needed I do not get the need to dip chocolate in to more chocolate. The best where the raspberries and the chocolate the rest all turned out to be a little too heavy for my liking. 

Anyway, Im giving 7/10 Possibly would of been less but I was with good company and the steak was cooked good, Only downside was the sickly dessert. My fault I have eyes bigger than my belly. 

Have you tried it 

Lauren x

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