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Saturday, 19 April 2014

April days - A collection of pictures.

Most of April in Pictures. 

This has been a hectic month for me, Lots has happened. I've moved out of my beloved flat, I saw most of france. I finally got to see the eiffel Tower and Found out another sister is expecting. 

Yet, I feel like this whole year has gone fast so soon. It will be June in a month or so, Than before you know it December. Makes you think how quick life does actually pass us by. 

This was taken in Oleans, France Outside one of the Abbeys we went too, The line of the trees and lamps the whole building itself was magical. 

This was Dylans (nephew) idea of fun, seeing how many stickers he could put on me! 

Dylans innocent face! 

I did this girls hair last month but forgot to post a picture, How nice it this thou?

Little roos face when I let him in the car, He scooted up to the front of the seat to pretend he was driving! He balled his eyes out when I had to take him out! I just love this picture! 

 When I had to pack everything up last week to move out! It is an end of an era for me, I have had so many memories in that flat, both bad and good. 

Beautiful haper, Have you ever met a little girl more photogenic? 

My new room, and the tulips I ended up buying for myself.

Both of these pictures I took while walking down a street in Paris, The buildings there itself where beautiful. 

My room at the hotel I stayed in, In Vouvray, France. 

This fairy tale like house I came across in boussac, france while walking around. 

Me slightly happy waiting to go on the euro tunnel. 

My mum and me outside the eiffel tower. 

This is my favourite me in the museum, Oleans France. 

I will be uploading more posts as we speak so keep an eye out! 

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