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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Dolce and salato - Cheltenham

Dolce and Salato 

I love Italy, I love the food,the culture, the language ( parla poco italiano - I can speak a little) I love everything about it. 

Now when I posted a blog of places I want to eat in Cheltenham I don't think this one on there. This is a small family owned restaurant in cheltenham. But the food, the service and having someone who really enjoys their job is a breath of fresh air. The deco was lovely, the only downside is going there with the children and lots of Vino (wine) about, I was scared it was going to get knocked. 

I cant rave on any more about the service here, The guy who runs it is so lovely and welcoming and good with children!

I went with my sister and her three little ones, Dylan,4 Rueben who is 2 and little harper who is only six months. Usually when all three are together its hard work but all the children where well behaved. 

We had the Breakfast all this, cup of tea and juice for only £6.00! Good prices as well as good service! 
The food was well cooked, eggs still runny, sausage was very tasty and the bacon! I have never had bacon like this! Very Very tasty!!!!! 

Mia could even feed Harper, For all the mummies who read my blog! You know how rare is it that a restaurant will let you do this! 

Some of the pastries available, How yummy do the cakes look?

Dylan deciding that he wants only the yellow cake. He ate the icing and then gave the rest to rueben who scoffed it down. 

Ruebens chocolate croissant. This was without a doubt one of the best croissants I have tasted. However Rueben had one bit and swapped with Dylan was devoured it. 

I rate this 9/10 

It is most likely the highest score I have given a restaurant in Cheltenham. I am highly recommending this place. I will go here the next chance I get for lunch to sample the lunch menu! 


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