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Sunday, 20 April 2014

My bedroom -

My new Bedroom - 

Now that I have moved my main focus has been to get my current room re- decorated. I have gone for a slightly girly classy theme with very pale colours. Lots of flowers and prints. Its so hard because I have tried to fit the contents on 2 bedrooms in to the space of a one bedroom. Which means The big wardrobe I had in Montepellier I know have to fit into the space of two wardrobes and a chest of drawers. It didn't bode well believe me. 

I have a slight fascination with collection cushions, If I go shopping and I spot a lovely cushion I do end up buying it. So now I have quite the collection of mis-matched cushions. My favourites being the flower one which was a steal from home base at only £10.00. I do regret not getting another one to match. The blue small ones where from dunelm mill as well as the white one. Those three are more for decoration because of the beading on them, Slightly uncomfortable. 

On my dressing Table 

I try to keep this clutter free as possible. I have my main products that i use on here as well as my trusty No7 mirror. Which I got for a bargain at only 5.00 Instead of the usual £50.00. The small mirror pot i use to keep my bobbi-pins in I got for only £2.60 from Sainbsurys. Both my perfumes, Vera wang and Ralph Lauren where gifts, the pandora box contains my most precious jewellery. Some eating from my grandma, My ring and some bracelets. I have some bits of Dermalogica and Clinique and My mac lippy. 

I spend a lot of money on flowers now, I just love them. These where tulips £5.00 in sainsburys, And the picture is off me and my little niece. 

Another random side, some products my chanel mirror, Hd brows, and my earing holder. 

I have many sentimental things on here, The little pig which is hiding is one which Dylan(nephew) made for me last year. I have a picture of me and my twin when we where little and a picture of me and my dad. My bracelets and some Mac makeup. 

Braclet one was from John, My mum and my friend

I got these lamps at dunelm mill at £15.00 each, This picture was a lovely gift from my mum when I first moved in to my apartment in montepellier. 

There is a shop in Cheltenham called Vinegar Hill, If you like chesty vintage decorations. This is the place to go, Admittedly it is costly this was £20.00

Some of my collection of necklaces.

 The room isn't finished yet, I still have a lot to add on and to do, Anyway hope you all have a good easter Sunday! 


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