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Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I had a client comment to me once, That she thought I lived an exciting life. That I constantly had things going on I was constantly going places and seeing new things. I don't think I do more than anyone. I think in a way I have a very curious personality and I thrive especially on travelling and trying new foods. 

I have an appetite for adventure. 

I think thats the saying. As usual for me, I am straying off the topic. 


This month hasn't been a busy month been trying to save money and plan more for the future so I have barely been out. But one thing I didn't want to miss is charls birthday! She turned the lovely 20! I know I am almost 22, I would love to be 20! 

I went with my friend Becca, who was Crayola! while I was (after much long dispute) A band girl! Okay, the fancy dress was a friends and it took days and a lot of asking to realise what the fancy dress actually was. So charlotte had a 90's party which involved Glowsticks, vodka and Sunny D. 

Here are a few of the snaps!

Such a good night!! 

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