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Friday, 29 May 2015

Why getting a iPhone 6 is great for blogging

Why getting an iPhone 6 plus is great for blogging!

I think it is so exciting when its time to get a new phone, Don't you agree?
My sister swears by the new Samsung purely because of the selfie features. However I am an apple lover, And for social media and blogging the iPhone six plus is fantastic. Lucky for me with my dog knocking my phone out my hand I just had to make a trip into my O2 store to upgrade. 


1. Large screen, so great for online shopping. YES, hello ASOS!!
2. Comes in three stylish colours wait…don't the iPhone 5's do that?
3. Take selfless with a bigger screen, yes we where all thinking it.
4.Technically you can use it as a mirror, one point to me!
5. People will think you're cool and up too date with technology on your instagram
6. You can do blog posts on the go, or at work. 
7. You can FaceTime your friends about that new river island hat
8. You can take some great videos of your morning make up routine 
9. Easier to purchase items online on pretty much every website (screens bigger, see more items)
10. Watching Tanya burrs youtube channel just got one hell of a load easier. 

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