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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

NARS - Audacious lipsticks

Audacious lipsticks 

 SHADE - Angela £24.00 
Move over MAC lipsticks, I have a new 
One of my most valued product in my make up bag, My lipsticks. I love them, the bright colours the matt finished..just heaven. Sorry lipgloss but you just don't cut it for me. 
I was a sworn MAC lipstick buyer, I have only just recently brought another one to add to my huge collection but I got to say NARS have really out done them self with their lipsticks. The staying power behind these suckers is incredible they last for around eight hours. They also don't loose the pigment or smooth appearance as it fades. We all hate some brands of lipsticks which turns patchy after around two hours. 
Price wise, It is a little more expensive then MAC by around £10 actually when you think of it you could buy almost two MAC lip pies for the price of this. Don't let that put you off thou, You do have to get your hands on one of these bad boys and give it a try. 

The packaging alone is fantastic, Magnetic meaning no fuss making sure its closed. Simply clicks it into place for you. This one is a gorgeous pinky shade with a purple hue, In some lights in does look purple. It just glides onto the lips giving it a nourished silky feel.

I applied it using the NARS precise lip brush 30.

I always go round with a lip liner brush to neaten the lines, fill it with the lipstick and go over with the concealer to clean up any messy bits at the end. 

The finished look

Go out and try NARS! Lauren 

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