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Saturday, 9 May 2015

A little sunshine from L'Occitane

A little sunshine from L'Occitane

Don't you just love a free git, Come on admit it. We all do! 

Well if you're a beauty freak like me you are in luck. L'Occitane for the next two months are given away little 'sunshine boxes' which are filled with little goodies. There are two catches however. You must be a VIP at L'occitane, or know someone that is and you must have received an email stating you're lucky enough to receive a complementary gift. Then you can collect a free gift yourself and pass it on to three friends so they can receive them too, How nice right? 

If you are not a VIP it is so easy to sign up, Its free too! Just go into your local L'Occitane shop and ask for be put on the system. Its great too because you receive offers and discounts and you will know all about the store events. It is a win win, You can also do it over the phone. 

What you will receive 

You will get a small lotion and shower gel in the ever so popular verbena range. Which is so zingy and revitalising really a gorgeous summer scent. You also get the soap shown below. Great if you're travelling this summer. 

A small Pivoine flora hand cream and a small Shea butter foot cream which is one of their bestsellers, The only thing I will use on my feet. It is amazing, and smells really nice too.


The next thing is the cutest thing ever. They have managed to dry out some lavender seeds, instructions are in the box. It just involves soaking it in water and planting it in soil then after a while Voila, lavender. I just love this idea, what do you all think? 

Go check out the website HERE click here

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