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Monday, 25 May 2015


Radiant creamy concealer review

In shade Light 2 VANILLA £22.00

As I mentioned before with my previous post when it comes to make up I do tend to stick with the products I know, Like A creature of habit I buy them over and over again. Sad really as it means I never try a new brand or products. I am slowly getting better with this, having turned away my 'boi-ing' concealer by benefit I have made a fantastic switch to NARS. 

This concealer is £22 to buy instead of the boing from benefit at £17.50 so a tiny bit more expensive but really worth it. Don't get me wrong the benefit one covers imperfections and great for under the eye but this NARS one does that and more. It gives you a added boost of radiance and also works as a highlighter to help contour your features. 

It is very easy to apply with the applicator wand, straight onto of foundation onto the face. I usually blend this in with my fingers of using a blending sponge. They both give the same results.

For best results I do reapply this under my eyes every 5 hours or so,  just to brighten them up a little. 

The benefits 

There are a few things that make this concealer special, for a start it is enriched with multi action skincare benefits and light diffusing technology. It create a smoother and a lot softer complexion while instantly diminishing fine lines and signs of fatigue. Which lets face it when we are tired we need something that does this! 

My views on this, well I love it. I love the packaging, I love the colour, the texture, the fact it works! its a all rounder!


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