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Friday, 8 May 2015

Long gold necklace


You know those last minute dashes around shops, I did one of them last week. It involved last minute plans to go out in the evening, so I had to nip out on my lunch break at work. Took around half hour to go in to three shops including Primark and river island where I had brought a gorgeous white floaty vest and needed a little something to go with it. Couldn't pick between earrings, hair accessories or necklaces! I ended up going with a necklace

This is a gorgeous one I brought from Primark for only £2.00, About 24 inch long so they are made to hang down Which I love! I actually had a girl in bristol comment on it and ask where I brought it from. It is that lovely. 

It really is good quality, and I just love the simple design. Another great thing is  because of the price you can buy more and layer it up. I love the different lengths really finishes of a plain outfit. I did buy a few more on my visit to Bristol which I will post soon. Just had to say that this one was my favourite.  

What do you think about Primark jewellery would you buy any?

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