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Monday, 6 April 2015

Storyteller, Cheltenham Restaurant review


Restaurant review, Cheltenham 

I love date nights mainly because it means we go out for dinner and hey, who doesn't like food? 
I have gotten to that totally sad stage where I can say I have eaten in about 80% of the restaurants in Cheltenham. Is that a good thing? I guess not so much for my figure.The storyteller in Cheltenham, near town is a restaurant I have wanted to try since I moved to the area two years ago. It is one of the more usual/strange ranges of food. From english, mexican, australian etc and being the adventurous foodie I was so excited to eat here. Lets start with the reviews, I know a lot of  people who have eaten here and the reviews have always been fantastic good food, and good choice of wine . I am no food critic but I do enjoy bistro eating, fine dining and just all round good food. So when I went I expected it to be amazing, I was so wrong. 

The service 

Was great, The only thing about the experience you could no fault. Welcomed with a smile, Polite servers who where very attentive. We got seated by the windows in the 'conservatory like bit' which was super cold, I was only wearing a thin teeshirt and I was freezing. Maybe heating next time would be nice? 

I think in the summer, This place would be lovely. Well that is if you only go here for a glass of wine. A huge thing about this place that makes it so different from the rest, is the fact they have a walk in wine room, So they can explain to you all the wines they have and what would suit your dishes. Then you can purchase by bottle or glass. The atmosphere was strange, we where the first ones sat on a small table, Then straight away had another couple be sat next to us, even thou the whole resturant was free. Seemed very intimate and close. 

The food 

The food was to say about the food, It was very hit and miss. The menu alone was random, Food from all ends of the world. I was hugely disappointed, I had the worst meal Ive had for a good couple years now. 


I choose the Nuevo Quesadilla with salsa and  guacamole and wild boar. £6.95

Okay let me start with a positive, VERY very good guacamole. The best i have eaten actually. So points to them. However the rest of it was okay, Some times when I cant be asked to cook I just make a pitta bit of cheese and tomato and put under the grill. It tasted exactly like that, Warm tortilla bit of cheese salsa done. Very bland tasteless and rather disappointing. 

John had the mixed nibbles, Olives, Mediterranean bread, blue cheese dip and balsamic vinegar.
This he said was good, Im not a fan of blue cheese or olives. So I avoided this one completely. 


Roasted Jerk Rubbed Belly of Pork £15.00
with roasted sweet potato,  slow braised red cabbage and a spiced pimento berry sauce

This was the worst meal ever, I wish I complained. I never do, I feel awful for complaining. However eating healthy for the last three months this was meant to be a treat. I never trust a dinner that is bland, got me wondering why is there no vegetables? 

So lets start with the pork, It was all horrible. Two bites of meat and the rest was sort of a jelly like fat. It was disgusting. Sweet potatoes where burnt and under with the berry sauce it was over powering. I couldn't finish the dinner, let alone look at that fat on my plate. 

John went for ribs at £18.00 you expect it to be pretty good, wrong yet again. It was just 'warm' temperature and tasteless. 

before dinner 

Overall, I rate this 2/10. I wouldn't advise anyone to go here such a shame too. Have you been here? 

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  1. strange menu!! shame the food was horrible because the restaurant looks so sweet on the inside!! had a great read looking through your blog <3
    Chloe xx


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