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Monday, 20 April 2015

The Belfield Restaurant

So my long weekend trip to Lake district was just amazing, The food was just …drool simply incredible. The company was good, the trips where fun and it was all round crazy good. I want to go again.I will do separate posts, for the hotels and days and what I did during them. To make it more readable for all you, and not to bombard you. So I will start of with the first 'date night' 

Me and John decided on the evening menu, keep in mind this hotel has two restaurants which caters for different tastes. it has a bistro and then the main restaurant which we ate in. We booked for 8.30pm and settled for five courses each, so glad we did!

Doesn't the food sound gorgeous? It was, This turned out to be one of the best dates to date. 


First course 

I am gutted, I didn't have my phone out to take pictures. It was this mushroom foam, Which was fantastic. Little hard to explain however it was in a little dish but very tasty. I have never had anything quite like it, Tasted like a strong mushroom risotto. We didn't get told what this was on the menu so we waited until we got the food. Nice surprise!

Second course 

I had the queen scallops starter, Bury black pudding ( Yummy!) cauliflower puree and crispy bacon
I like to think my starter was better than johns, he is biased but mine was mouthwateringly good. 

See, proof it was good. 

John decided on Carpaccio (raw) of yellow fin tuna loin, nicoise salad and classic vinaigrette. 

We are one of these couples that share food, no matter if we are at a 5 star restaurant we will sneak each other a mouthful of each others food. We have to rate it, right?  If your partner doesn't share, you need to have serious words. So this dish was great, healthier than mine. Still very nice, the tuna was a strange texture, still very enjoyable. 


Just a simply, sweet lemon sorbet. To 'cleanse the palate ' 


Or the best course, the most delicious in my eyes. I had to go for the fillet of cumbrian beef, fondant potato, carrot puree, porting broccoli and tarragon jus. Just simply incredible. 
The best beef I have ever had in a restaurant, Well done to the chef! 

John had his favourite lakeland lamb rump, peas and pancetta, braised baby gem, parsley potatoes and wild garlic emulsion. I don't actually eat lamb so I wouldn't be able to tell you if it was good, john devoured the whole thing, so that was a good sign.


The sweet course, I was going to pick the poached pear however with john taking that option up I picked the chocolate fondant, mmhm who doesn't love chocolate. 

I love the presentation of all the dishes we had, really every dish had so much detail. 

My fondant, with honeycomb and cremoux

I did prefer johns pudding, I was too busy stealing bits of it that I didn't take a picture. So food overall was 5/5 really WOW, I cant say much more. If you ever came across the lake district you need to go here.  


This is turning out to be a very long post, It was a classy sophisticated restaurant, The whole room was Laura Ashley of course, from the curtains down to the lights. 


Me and John

John looking rather smart, handsome man.

Me, ready to order!


All the courses did take a few hours, which meant because we have travelled the majority of the day we ended up being so tired, We decided to go to the bar to get ourselves a cocktail, or whisky in johns case. 

The bar was lovely, it had this very vintage vibe about it, with the wall art and lights. 

After the bar, we headed in to the one of the 'many' drawing rooms, and it was huge like really big. It was late so we where the only ones in here. And it was just lovely, candles everywhere. So romantic. After john mucked around with the lift (old fashioned ) It was bed time! and I was more than ready to sleep. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about it all! 

If you want to check out the hotel click below. 


All opinions and reviews are my own. 

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