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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Laura Ashley Hotel


Lake windermere 

I just simply had to do a post about this gem in the lake district. It was only renovated last July so it still has this new shiny feel about it.  When I was originally looking at hotels  It took me around a good six hours to actually find a nice place that offered breakfast that I liked, In the end I opted for the reviews on trip advisor which lead me to believe this place was exactly what I wanted, and it turned out to be better.  Unfortunately for john who was happy with any hotel, I was more picky. I like to be organised so I looked at location, costs, reviews etc You may call it boring I call it being prepared.

 This isn't a hotel if you are on a budget and visiting the lake district. We stayed two nights and it was about £500 easy. Worth every penny in my eyes as it was gorgeous. 

The laura ashley hotel is beautiful, It is a little bit of the old mixed in with the new. So you have the original Belsfield building, yet the reception is completely glass so you walk through and can see out to the lake. 

Photo from their website
Really quite something, no? Last time I stayed at Lake District it was on a lodge next to a river, it was still nice and homey just not as chic as this weekend getaway turned out to be.
We ended up having two rooms on our stay here (Lucky us) , The first was a normal double with lake view, Then we got the four poster suite thanks to an issue we had. Here as some snaps from the lobby/drawing rooms and bar areas. 

The hotel itself has two resultants one bistro, the other a more posh a la carte menu restaurant. 

Another great thing about this place is that every single room of the 160 rooms they offer is all Laura Ashley decorated. Also means that no two rooms are the same. I love that, I love that every detail has been thought of. The first room we stayed in was beautiful lovely colour schemes and lights, I would adore my room with that wallpaper it was perfect if you like stylish, but liveable comfy. 


 The second room seemed to be more 'grown up' a lot more dark wood, with a lot of lighting we counted six lamps in one room a little overboard but I like it. 

The double wardrobe 

The large bathroom 

The best bath ever, and space to put the champagne glasses. One had to think of these things. 

This is a short post due to time. I do highly recommend this hotel however. 

For a lovely weekend getaway. You will no doubt had to check out this place. 


All opinions and reviews are my own. 

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