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Monday, 9 March 2015

Boston Tea Part Cheltenham part 2

Boston Tea Party 
Part 2 Cheltenham 

This is my second review on boston tea party, I did the other one when it first came to Cheltenham a year or so ago. I love this place, if you haven't been I recommend you go. There are seventeen in total mostly around the South west / west midlands of england. Four of which are in bristol. It is such a cool place to go eat, even if it is breakfast or dinner. This place serves the best food. 

Let's talk about the food

The food is great, well presented, the menu is both mouth watering full of great things to choose from. Breakfast menu for me is the best part of the menu, You can choose from pancakes, Full english breakfast, salmon, Bagels, Porridge or toast.. Breakfast is without a doubt best time to eat here.

This place has been voted one of the best 25 places to eat brunch in the UK 

With lunch and dinner you will looking at burgers, salads and sandwiches. They cater for gluten free and vegan. So everyone can enjoy their food

But back to food, I ordered scrambled egg, salmon and mushroom (without toast) I am a girl who does not do carbs, As well as that I ordered peppermint tea. They serves the best triple mint tea in the whole of Cheltenham, Go you boston tea party.

Salmon was as delicious as ever, the mushroom was so tasty and my scrambled eggs where delicious. If only I could have this every morning, I would be a happy women with a happy belly.  

How are the prices?

Prices are really good, easily get breakfast here for around £10 which is great for students!Or those people that come here a lot aka me or just those on a budget. Sandwiches are all under £6.00 salads are under £7.00 unless you wanted the added extras and so on,  Wait, did I mention the cakes, Oh the cakes. 

I have not actually had a cake from here, go me with will power. But I have heard they are delicious. And check out those prices, You guys need to take your mums here or partners and treat them for sure.

What does it look like 

If pinterest had a restaurant it would look like this, My sister made a comment to me, It does have a half finished look to it.  A lot of chalk signs, Nirvanna posters randomly dotted about on the walls, cool lightings and lamps. The menus themselves on a wooden clipboard, really original.


Now about the atmosphere

It is lovely, it seems a lot of people like myself come here alone to sit and eat breakfast in the quiet by themselves with a book or newspaper or even catching up with the blogging. Heads up, internet here is shocking! Would not recommend going here if you need WIFI because it just does not connect. Boo :( Huge sad face.  

There is a good 'vibe' Yes, people still say that, about this place. Staff are all super friendly, polite and lovely. That is a winner in my books. 

Overall the website and restaurants are worth checking out, Even if you stop for just a tea - Have a look on their website below to check the closest one to you

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  1. I went to the one in Bath not long ago and I have to say I had the best eggs bennie of my life! Love that place, as you said the atmosphere is so relaxed x



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