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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Boussac - France April 2014

 Boussac - France 

France was a very short trip, Which meant we had a lot of ground to cover in just a few days. It was also a surprise trip from my mum and martin (mums husband) and was also my first trip on euro tunnel, which for me was not a very nice experience, For one my hate of  deep water, and the fact I really hate small spaces. The two combined made the Euro tunnel not a exciting bit of the trip for me. How ever luckily it was only 34 minutes long, which was not that bad. 

In the car about to board the Euro Tunnel, I was surprised to find out how cheap it was too, I think for three of us it was about a hundred euros. 

Driving around in France compared to England where you only have tolls going to Wales and C ornwall, There was a toll  almost every road, some tolls were 48.00 euros others 18.00 euros depending on how far you have travelled. Yes, it does work out a lot when you look at the full prices especially because there was so many miles and so much time spent driving. The difference was incredible, The roads where spotless, clean and overall a nicer drive compared to some of the pot holed roads we have here in England. 

I think if I ever did live in france, I would avoid every bakery I would walk past. This however is not a bad thing, just look at the picture above. The food was gorgeous, Especially the macaroons, Well priced and beautifully set out. 

First when we went to Boussac, We visited a town just on the outskirts where my mum and her partner have just brought a barn to renovate, so they where checking that in was still intact before they undergo any work that needs doing to it. Which is a lot. 

The town of Boussac itself was very clean and very very quiet. Other than a few people who joined us in the Cafe we came across no one else. There was no one about. The old buildings itself where beautiful, quaint and seemed to have feel of history about them which made this little town something of a treasure. 

We did meet this lovely dog, which belonged to the cafe owners son called Ob-e-one Star wars reference. 

Trying to find an open cafe or  coffee bar was something of a struggle especially because we found most of the shops itself shut in the afternoon and Boussac not being a tourist town, meant it was hard luck to find somewhere open. But in the end we did find somewhere. I am not brilliant with french, I speak a little italian . Yet, we had to make do with the french we knew and when it came to ordering food this did make it a little difficult but we managed by all settling for the same lunch. 

Me and my mum outside the Cafe. 

The courtyard in the main bit of town in Boussac, As you can see from the pictures we where lucky because of the beautiful weather we had that day. 


Some of the old buildings around the town. 

Mum and martins old barn just on the outskirts of Bossauc, you can see there is a lot of work that needs to be done to it. But with the ideas they have, once they finish it, it will look wonderful.

I must say it is lovely to visit a town that isn't over run by tourists, I find many of the towns that are, are spoilt. Covered with shops and tacky sovenier shops. Boussauc is a beautiful town and I hope it stays untouched in that way. 


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