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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Oleans France 2014

oleans  - france

One of the first places we visited in france turned out to be Oleans, such a pretty town. I could of happily lived there. One of the main attractions in Oleans, is the medieval abbey. And Boy, did it live up to what I thought it would be. I have never been any where so over powering. The place itself is huge and by huge I do mean massive. So much detail went into the building from the glass on the top of the abbey to the gargoyles on the side of the abbey. 

I did take most of these pictures with the Nikon d90 

Myself out the abbey, I do look so happy here! 

The scary looking gargoyles at the side of the abbey, and I mean how petrifying! 

This one was leading from the Abbey into the main town. 

The detail on the stained glass windows is incredible. 

The hand painted ceiling on the abbey, 

The town of OLEANS

This was right outside the oceans museum. 

This place was incredible, and apparently very well known. In the morning people wait for ages outside  to be served. The food is great so no wonder. 

Me and my mum.

I know it's a ton of pictures!
And not much writing! 

but enjoy! 

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